Wörthersee – Heaven for VW and Audi Enthusiasts

Wörthersee is a beautiful place located in Austria. It has one of the most beautiful lake with about 20 km long and 1 km wide. Before the construction of Austrian Southern Railway, this place is not a popular place for tourism. Although it has a clean and warm Mediterranean climate in a summer, it is hard to get to the place. But things change after a better infrastructure development.

It had boost the economy and its residence with exclusive summer retreat. Most tourist would spare their time in July or August when the lake water is around 25 degree Celsius.

Since 1981, car enthusiast from around the Europe are gathered for the biggest event of the year. Wörthersee is the place for Volkswagen and Audi fans gather around and they have a good time.  Usually the event would take place in May and you can see a numbers stunning cars in all over the place. Most of the enthusiast travel thousand of kilometres with their car and that make it more interesting. Either rusty or clean concept, all the owners are proud with their ride and this event makes people get to know each others.

To appreciate their fans, Volkswagen will introduce their concept car each year and each time it had always a mind blowing project. You must remember a Golf GTi W12 with 650 horsepower and the engine is at the back of car right? It was one of their concept car introduce in Wörthersee and it also been featured in popular series TopGear

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Here some footage from 2014 Worthersee by Mad Productions


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