Widebody Mercedes C-Class Coupe By Prior Design

At first glance, you will never notice the following Mercedes C-Class Coupe is no regular car although you might wondering why it looks different. It is because the quality of the body kit made by Prior Design looks like it came out straight from the factory.


After Prior Design launched their body kit package for the Mercedes S-Class, they are now bringing the same concept for the Mercedes C-Class Coupe owner. The body kit features an extension for the rear wheel arches and also at the front section on both sides which makes the car looks wider.

With the increase of the overall width, Prior Design has redesigned the front and rear bumpers with larger air intakes and rear air diffuser. The front hood also now has additional ventilation opening like it was found on the BMW M4.


It also has a new side skirt for both sides and a rear spoiler at the bonnet. All parts are made from fiberglass Dura-flex material.

Prior Design also offering a new set of wheels for this wide body kit. 21-inch PD4Forged aluminum rims are wide enough to fill up that gap.


(via TuningBlog EU)

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