Watch Cox’s Honda Civic EG Beats Other V8 Racing Cars

Honda Civic EG is a popular car back in the 90’s. There are sedan, coupe, and hatchback models with varieties of engine range produced by Honda depending on the region they market the car. These models are popular among VTEC enthusiast. B16B and B18B are among the popular engine choices for their project before the K20A engine came in.

Jordan Cox Civic - 3

The following Honda Civic hatchback is own by Jordan Cox from Cox Motorsport. He swapped his Civic with a B18B (Type-R) engine for Improved Production racing series in Australia.

Jordan Cox Civic - 2

Cox’s Civic reminds me to Shingo Shoji (NightKids) who drive an EG6 from the Initial-D series. He brings in strong competition to other more powerful in the championship. It is interesting to see how Cox and his car are blended together especially while taking the sharp corners.

Civic versus Holden Commodore:

Civic versus BMW M3 E90:

Onboard camera (Enjoy the VTEC sound):

Civic versus Toyota AE86:

Adelaide Race 1:

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