When A Volkswagen Type 2 Converted Into Limousin With Six Wheels

This might be the longest hippie wagon when an Indonesian mechanic Wahyu Pamungkas and his workers converted the Volkswagen Type 2 to be a limousin. It take 30 manpower and $28,689 to complete this project in just one year.

To realize his vision, the Volkswagen Type 2 need to be cut into half before join back with some chassis modification. The original 1.5 engine does not have enough power to move the extended body and he decided to swap with a 2.0 Lityer engine.


The body were painted with two-tone color white and yellow. The exterior look perfect with a set of six wheels BBS RS rims. The interior receive major overhaul. It can now host up to 20 passengers with couch like seats and a mini-bar

(via AutoEvolution)

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