Two Customs Porsche 356 by Emory Motorsports

Jay Leno have brought two customs Porsche 356 by Emory Motorsports to his Jay Leno’s Garage show. Porsche 356 model is an expensive Porsche to restore but it does not stop Emory Motorsports to restore both of the cars and add some modification whenever they felt it is necessary. Emory Motorsports have a long history in tuning industries. Back in 1948, Neil Emory opened up Valley Custom Shop in California. While being successful selling parts for Porsche, Neil setup Emory’s Porsche Restoration which focus to restore Porsche cars. Rod Emory started to work with his father (Gary Emory) and grandfather (Neil Emory) while he was a kid. They move to Oregon before recently they came back to California. Rod Emory showcasing their works and capabilities by bringing 1958 Emory Special and 1959 Emory Outlaw.

Porsche 356 by Emory Motorsports - 5

When they are doing the restoration project, Emory Motorsports focus on details for each components they touched. They even tear down the original radio and put it back with new internal components which allow an iPod to be connected to the 1958 Emory Special speakers. With such attention to details, both cars looks like it came with the same standard factory specs back in 1950’s but much better and attractive in all aspects.

Porsche 356 by Emory Motorsports - 8

Jay Leno had his hand on Emory’s Porsche 356 Outlaw. It is a fast car. With a new engine upgrade and better suspension setup, the car precisely moves even in tight corners. This car is suitable for those who have the money and want a classic car with modern touch.

Rod Emory also have posted a restoration video on his Porsche 356.

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