Toyota Corolla KE35 With V8 Engine

These Toyota Corolla KE35 with V8 engine is owns by Mark Still. He have a lot of experience fabricating cars for Hollywood and he decide to try something different. These car have done a lot of upgrades. The only items remain stocks is the headlights, bumpers, taillights and bodyshell. Other than that, Mark have done an intensive works to strengthen the body and make the V8 engine fitted into the Toyota Corolla Ke35.

Toyota Corolla KE35 V8 - 3

The engine and subframe were sourced from Lexus SC400. The new engine already enough to power the Toyota Corolla KE35. Later he decided to bolt on Eaton M112 Supercharger system originated from Mustang Cobra to get power from the new V8 engine. To handle such massive power produced, a T56 6-speed gearbox is replacing the standard Toyota Corolla KE35 gearbox.

Toyota Corolla KE35 V8 - 18

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