Three Guys Just Drove 24 Years Old BMW E30 Across Continents

Three guys just drove 24 years old BMW E30 with 400,000 km on clock across continents just to recycle the car. Mike who unable to walk due to serious accident challenged his friend’s son to bring the BMW from South Africa to German and they accept the challenge.

BMW E30 Percy - 2

Along the way, they bonded with the E30 that they named as “Percy”. After driving across 17 countries, they arrived at Munich, German. They were invited to the BMW factory and were shown how the recycling process are being done. They fascinated with the technology founded in BMW factory but they feel it is not the right things to tear down their “Percy” after all the long journey. They said “Percy” is part of the team too.

BMW E30 Percy - 7

So, BMW decided to take the car and put it in their museum. Everyone is happy especially Mike because “Percy” had done such a great job for all these years. Mike on the other had his license to fly a plane back. It is part of the deal with his friend’s son which they have fulfill.

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