The Making of BMW E30 M3 Powered By M6 V10 Engine

This video shows the making of BMW E30 M3 powered by M6 V10 engine. Amazingly, the owner able to make it runs on original M6 with full working Vanos and fuel management system. This car starts its life as BMW E30 M3 but all of its parts being stripped out up to its body shell. There are a lot of parts were missing. But he is so determined to restore and modified this BMW E30 M3 up to this current condition.

BMW M3 E30 Powered by M6 V10 - 7

Conventional parts are not fit inside the new car. The owner has to mix and match but at the same time to ensure everything work as expected. The owner starts by strengthening its underbody structure and replace all axle parts including its nuts and bolts with the new one. The process followed by fitting up missing exterior panels and painting. Since he already plans to install a V10 engine sourced from an M6, he starts to find new front mounting, better absorbers, bigger brake discs, new brake calipers, new exhaust system and many more performance parts to support a massive engine output.

BMW M3 E30 Powered by M6 V10 - 6

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