The History of BMW 3-Series (E21)

Happy Sunday morning everyone. This week , I would like to share some quick history of BMW 3-Series (E21) model. BMW 3-Series were manufactured by BMW since May 1975. It is a compact executive car targeted to fulfil market gap at that point of time who want a fast car but not too big or too small. The E21 was developed by the German during the oil crisis in 1973. The f1irst generation of E21 only available as a 2 door model. The Baur model is the name for the cabriolet 2 doors model. Cabriolet is a soft top model which the roof could be lift down.

BMW e21 323i

For the first generation of BMW E21, they offer an M10 4-cyclinder engine which provide options for driver either they want the 316 (1.6 litre), 318 (1.8 litre) or 320 (2.0 litre). BMW is serious improving their BMW E21 and they have invested a lot of their money in new engine development. In 1977, a new M20 6-cyclinder engine is part of available for customers to choose for the latest E21 model.


The BMW E21 model were than replaced by E30 model in 1982. Although it has been more than 30 years from the first E21 model came out of the factory, this model is still popular among car enthusiast. Although their parts is hardly find especially in Malaysia, if you could find one, the price is quite expensive, it does not stop them to find another options in scrap yard or custom made the components they need.

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