Nissan SR20 Turbo Engine Sound Compilation

Nissan SR20 with turbo system or SR20DET is one of the popular engines among car enthusiasts. The engine is popular because it is easy to upgrade and there are varieties of ...


Rear Engine Skyline GTR?

Khyzyl Saleem had posted a rendered image on Skyline GTR R35 with rear engine setup. If somebody try to build this rear engine Skyline, it is unknown whether it can take corners safely. ...


Gold Carbon Nissan GTR R35 by AMS Performance

This gold carbon Nissan GTR R35 is a new project by AMS Performance and ADV.1 showcasing their latest package to the car both inside and out. Either you hate it or ...


Quick History of #Skyline #GTR #Hakosuka

Datsun Skyline GTR Hakosuka was first produced in 1969. Datsun was then bought by Nissan but the Skyline name still remain up until today. The following quick history video shows ...


Agoot’s #370Z #Turbocharged

eGarage and Valveline have bring a story called “The Spirit of DIY”. The story is about Jay Agoot’s 370z turbocharged. The 2009 car came as a stock 370z before he ...


#Volkswagen MK1 GTi Smoked #Nissan 350Z Procharger and #Porsche 991 #GT3

A guy in a Nissan 350Z Procharger challenge a Porsche 911 GT3. Of course the Porsche 911 GT3 accept his challenge. While cruising in high speed, a Golf GTi came ...


Nissan GT-R Widebody by Prior Design

This is the latest creation of Nissan GT-R widebody by Prior Design. The new bodykit from Prior Design enable you to have a quite good ground clearance without having a ...


Nissan GT-R Stage 6 by Jotech Motorsports With 1400 horsepower

This is latest project for Nissan GT-R Stage 6 by Jotech Motorsports with 1400 horsepower. This Skyline GTRR35 has been installed with the Stage 6 kits and it now producing 1400 ...


XCar Present “Meet The Fastest Family”

XCar brought a story about James Deane and his family who involved in varieties of motorsport from racing to rally and later drifting.


Skipper GTR R35 On 20 Inch Vossen VFS1

Skipper is a tuning company who were situated in Japan. Their latest project is the Skyline GTR R35 fitted with a wide body kit, extended front spoiler, side skirt, rear ...

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