Recap The Best of Nürburgring Accelerations In 2016!

It is now 2017 but let take a look at the best of Nürburgring accelerations from various cars back in 2016. Let hope this year will bring a better life for all ...


Watch Furious Evo VI Climbing Hill In Lebanon

This video was shot during the opening of 2016 Lebanese Hill Climb. Roger Feghall, who is driving a red Mitsubishi Evo VI, taking overall victory at Arson Hill Climb. Video:  


1145HP Mitsubishi Evo Tuned by English Racing

This 1145HP Mitsubishi Evo sounds like hurricane when it run on dyno test. The Mitsubishi Evo is tune by English Racing who is a US based tuner. They have done ...


A Man Who Determined to Restore Mitsubishi Colt Galant in United States

This is a story about a man who determined to restore Mitsubishi Colt Galant in United States although he knows his  car is not a popular for restoration project or ...


Video: A 700 Horsepower Evo That Help to Save Life

A story of Jon Livermore who owns a 700 horsepower Evo that help to save his life. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer when he was 32. He admit sometimes ...