Watch Cox’s Honda Civic EG Beats Other V8 Racing Cars

Honda Civic EG is a popular car back in the 90’s. There are sedan, coupe, and hatchback models with varieties of engine range produced by Honda depending on the region ...


Watch An Old Skool Honda Civic Easily Pass Through Porsche 911 (and many other cars)

It took five years for the owner to build this 1976 Honda Civic. Watch this old skool Honda Civic easily pass through Porsche 911 and many other cars on track.


FITTED Lifestyle Toronto 2016

FITTED is founded in 2010 which cover the lifestyles of automotive, sport, music, fashion and art. This year they have run the 2016 FITTED Lifestyle held in Toronto. Enjoy the video: ...


Inside American Honda’s Secret Museum

An exclusive look inside Honda’s secret museum that keep all Honda’s model right from the beginning they market it in the United States. It is amazing experience seeing all cars ...


Inspirational Story In “The Road Is Life” Presented by eGarage

It is inspirational story in “The Road Is Life” presented by eGarage. It is a story about Mike who quit his job and travel through out America and Alaska on ...

Tuner Battlåe 2014 Ep1 Featuring

Tuner Battle Week 2014 Episode 1: Battle of Honda

Tuner Battle Week 2014 Episode 1: Battle of Honda was a series of motor event brought by Motor Trend YouTube Channel. For this episode they were invited to Front Engine ...