Watch Cox’s Honda Civic EG Beats Other V8 Racing Cars

Honda Civic EG is a popular car back in the 90’s. There are sedan, coupe, and hatchback models with varieties of engine range produced by Honda depending on the region ...


A Rear Engine Honda Civic EK Hatchback

This Honda Civic EK hatchback is one of a unique and extreme modified ever done for a Honda Civic. The engine being moved to the rear passenger seats with all ...


Watch An Old Skool Honda Civic Easily Pass Through Porsche 911 (and many other cars)

It took five years for the owner to build this 1976 Honda Civic. Watch this old skool Honda Civic easily pass through Porsche 911 and many other cars on track.


Honda Civic EG With K24 Engine Swap

Matt Farah had the opportunity to test drive a Honda Civic EG. The Honda Civic EG is not a regular Civic since its stock engineĀ been swapped with a 2.4-liter K24 ...