A 1968 Ford F100 aka Frankenstein Ford With 5.0-Liter Supercharged Engine

It will be an interesting drive to the local groceries store if you have a pickup truck this. KC’s Paint Shop showcase a 1968 Ford F100 which receive a new ...


Watch A Ford Escort MK1 Beats Porsche GT3

Driven by Ryan Mangion, this 40 years old Ford Escort MK1 has Kent Crossflow engine with a turbo system. You can watch it beats the Porsche GT3 and a Mitsubishi Evo. The ...


Driving A Baja 500 Truck For The First Time?

Chris Cantle who is West Cost Editor for The Drive had the opportunity to drive a Baja 500 truck for the first time. He will later join an offroad racing ...


XCar Present “Meet The Fastest Family”

XCar brought a story about James Deane and his family who involved in varieties of motorsport from racing to rally and later drifting.


Ford Mustang Speed Dating

What if you’ve been offered to meet a sweet girl in a restaurant and the girl seems not so suite her car. Don’t judge the book from its cover! A bunch ...

Hakone Motorhead Hillclimb

Motorhead Hill Climb Event Shows BMW Z4, GTR, Subaru and Ford GT

Motorhead Hill Climb Event shows BMW Z4, GTR, Subaru and Ford GT are attacking corners on Hokane mountain. The team involved in these event are from Team Studie BMW Z4 and ...