A Restore Mod BMW 2002 MPower Coupe

This BMW 2002 is being restored with a lot of modification has been done by its owner. A classic looks with a modern engine and a new interior? Some may not ...


BMW E9 2800CS StanceWorks

A classic BMW E9 2800CS make an appearance in StanceWorks, and it is a perfect example for a restore mod project. The owner had used several wheels before, but it ...


Watch A Fully Restored BMW 2002 Crashed During Downhill

A fully restored BMW 2002 crashed down the hill before the driver loose control of his car. The driver broke his ankle. This video was taken uploaded in 2012 and ...


BMW M6 and E9 Restoration Story

Ola Lerfald is an oil and engineer from Norway. He is one of the BMW enthusiasts who has a lot of passion on  BMW classic cars. In this story, Ola Lerfald ...


Wide Range of BMW Enthusiasts In BimmerFest 2016

Zwingfilms had the opportunity to document BimmerFest 2016 with the support from Optima Batteries. The event hosted different of people who loves BMW car under one roof. Regardless it is ...


The Restoration of A BMW 507 Once Owned by Elvis Presley

BMW Classic Group decided to work on a BMW 507 roadster once owned by the legendary Elvis Presley. The car has been teardown and restore to its perfection. The following ...


FITTED Lifestyle Toronto 2016

FITTED is founded in 2010 which cover the lifestyles of automotive, sport, music, fashion and art. This year they have run the 2016 FITTED Lifestyle held in Toronto. Enjoy the video: ...


A Story of BMW Enthusiast Who Own Three BMW Classic Cars

Mike has passion for classic BMW since he was 19. He started his searching by looking through various websites and forums to find his first BMW. Up until now, he ...


A Visit To Vintage BMW Restoration Garage At Coupe King

Chris Forsberg from Network A takes a visit to a vintage BMW restoration garage at Coupe King. Coupe King is own and operate by Peter and Erik Sliskovich. It started ...


BMW M2 Gran Coupe?

Would it be nice to have BMW M2 Gran Coupe? (via BimmerPost)