Best of BMW Sounds in 2016

BMW is a well-known brand for those who want a fast car with a good body design. BMW design evolves from time to time but they still maintaining their key elements to ...


Drifting In An 800 Horsepower BMW E30

It requires a lot of skills to handle this car. It is because this BMW E30 which owns by Lars Kvissel has almost 800 horsepower under the hood. The car ...


Two BMW M3 E46 With Airlift Suspension Systems

EuroCustomesPR has build two BMW E46 both with Airlift Performance suspension system. One of the BMW M3 has been fitted with DTM Fiberwerkz body kit, Pandem trunk spoiler, and ESM 3-piece ...


BMW M3 Turbo E46 Touring With 800 HP

This BMW M3 E46 Touring has 800 horsepower thanks to the turbocharged system under the hood. The car won the Loudest Pipes Contest at 2014 EuroCar Meeting Beach Edition which ...


1000HP Mercedes-Benz W124 With BMW Engine Swapped

Yes. This Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 has 1000 horsepower under the hood and the power source from a BMW E46 M3 engine.


A Story of BMW Enthusiast Who Own Three BMW Classic Cars

Mike has passion for classic BMW since he was 19. He started his searching by looking through various websites and forums to find his first BMW. Up until now, he ...


The Making of BMW E30 M3 Powered By M6 V10 Engine

This video shows the making of BMW E30 M3 powered by M6 V10 engine. Amazingly, the owner able to make it runs on original M6 with full working Vanos and fuel ...


BMW M3 E92 Wide Body Liberty Walk

These are my favorite BMW M3 E92 videos which dressed in Liberty Walk body kits. The body kits from Liberty Walk will transform a BMW M3 E92 to look more ...


A Clean BMW M3 With HRE Wheels By Permaisuri

This simple modification makes the M3 looks so clean. The car looks perfect sitting on HRE S104 wheels with brushed aluminum clear color. It is the latest project by Permaisuri ...