BMW i8 With Valve Control Exhaust System

Heinz Performance brings in a custom exhaust system for the BMW i8. The exhaust system has valve control which can help the BMW i8 sound better. Video demo:


When A BMW i8 Rides On Accuair With Vossen Wheels

It is not a rendering photo anymore. It is how This is how it looks when a BMW i8 rides on Accuair suspension with Vossen Forged wheels. Isn’t it look ...


Gabura Racing Plan To Fit A Twin Turbo V8 Engine In BMW i8

Gabura Racing Technologies have announced their plan to fit a twin turbo V8 engine in BMW i8. The engine is sourced from a BMW M6 which initially tuned by Alpina. ...


Widebody Stanced BMW i8

What if there is a tuner out there who had a chance to fit a widebody kit and lowered the car to the ground with an inch ground clearance? Khyzyl ...