A Story About One of The Oldest BMW Dealership In The World

Commonly, we always hear a story about car collectors who collect various model from a brand they loved. A good product needs a good dealership in order to sell it to the customer. In this video, BMW cover a story about a family who is one the first BMW agents in the world. It is Pilakoutas family story brought by BMW.

BMWStory Pilakoutas family story - 2

In 1958, the family starts their business located in Cyprus with their first BMW 507. In 1974, their business standstill when Cyprus was in an invasion. Luckily, they have a friend in Emirates and they are being invited to look for new opportunity. With the experience that they got, they decided to expand their business in Emirates.  The business was good. They start with 200 units sold and in 1990, they able to sold 2000 unit per year.

BMWStory Pilakoutas family story - 7

Back in Cyprus, the business is running good and they have their own mini BMW museum which have a collection of rare models including two BMW M1. It is a story of Pilakoutas family and they are among the oldest BMW agents in the world.

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