Dirk Schulz BMW i8 First Owner

The Story of BMW i8 First Owner

Dirk Schulz BMW i8 First Owner Stories

The story of BMW i8 first owner was so amazing. Dirk Schulz was one lucky man because he is the first owner of the new BMW i8. The story start with his passion on BMW cars and continue with his moment when he saw the BMW i8 for the first time back in October 2010. His first BMW car was the Z1 and later he decide to own another BMW. Schulz said BMW design was so good and it has a sensation while driving in it.

At first, he hope the new i8 would have a big V10 engine but sooner he realized BMW i8 are very special since it had 2 engines (one for electric drive system and another is for its extender) and he really love it.

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