Steve Stanford Inspired Custom Cars Enthusiasts Including Chip Foose (Video)

Steve Stanford inspired automotive enthusiasts including Chip Foose. The prolific automotive artist and custom car designer able to transform a car to make it as beautiful as it can and at the same time improve it to make it better.  Steve is a legend among hot rod and custom cars enthusiasts.

Steve Stanford inspired enthusiasts 5

In this episode, eGarage have interviewed well known name custom cars industries. Steve inspired many custom cars and hot rods enthusiasts including Chip Foose who own a custom car garage and also TV series called the Overhaulin’. Foose respect him for making a cars beautiful. Steve know every details of his design including all the reflections are real. It is not just to make it look nicer. When he draw, it is not just beautiful on paper but his draw can be transformed into a real vehicle.

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While watching the video, you will see list of his artwork and every single of them were drawn by hand. It is not a 3D computer model generated. Isn’t it amazing? It is a real piece of art.

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  • Karin de Lange

    February 20, 02 2016 02:16:14

    What is the colour code for the burgundy chevy

    • Khairul Shukeri

      February 20, 02 2016 09:47:05

      Unfortunately, the owner kept it as a secret

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