Skyline Hokusuka GTR Pickup Truck

To convert any car into a pickup truck need a lot of determination to complete. It requires the owner to strengthen back the body and also to ensure it is safe to drive on the public road. Nissan/ Datsun never built a Skyline GTR pickup truck because the car meant for racing not to load goods.

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In Japan itself, old Datsun pickup truck with GTR Hokusuka facelift is a rare project. It is because it is not easy to get the project done. There is no chop shop will provide you a half cut for a Skyline Hokusuka. Another way around, you can buy an expensive Skyline Hokusuka and convert it as a pickup truck. But it is also not a good choice, and Skyline fans will try to kill you if you ever try to do such crazy project.

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It leaves Dominic Le with one option. Get a Japanese pickup truck and fabricate the facelift and components to look like a Skyline Hokusuka. This pickup truck was born as 1974 Datsun Sunny. It is only available for Japan market, and Dominic had imported it into the United States. This pickup truck attracts attention from visitors on the last SEMA. He loves Skyline Hokusuka. So, he decided to do something different for his satisfaction. A pickup Skyline GTR Hokusuka.

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First, he ripped out all the components from the Datsun Sunny and strengthened its under body. Although, this truck has done a major restore mod, Dominic still maintaining its right-hand drive system. Then he fabricates front bonnet, both fenders and grille to make look like a Skyline Hokusuka. Dominic had done an excellent job because it seems from the original Skyline panels. He also added some unique custom jobs with the original rear section floor panel been replaced with a carbon fiber material. Other details like a black chrome touch on front bumper make the front end looks perfect.

Dominic Skyline GTR pickup truck looks aggressive on its exterior, and he wants it to go fast too. He swapped the original 1200cc engine with a 2200cc SR20-DET sourced from a Nissan Silvia. The engine is being heavily modified, and its power transmits to rear axle with a Nissan Silvia transmission system. It makes the conversion easier.

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With the new powerful engine, it requires a new suspension setup. It is to ensure the pickup truck able to tackle corners safely. This Skyline GTR pickup truck has an 8-inch ground clearance with its custom suspension. The fenders and body panel need be removed to make a clearance for bigger wheels, and Dominic added wheels flare on both side to cover the wide wheels set. This car featured in Jay Leno’s garage, and it looks awesome.

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