Skipper GTR R35 On 20 Inch Vossen VFS1

Skipper is a tuning company who were situated in Japan. Their latest project is the Skyline GTR R35 fitted with a wide body kit, extended front spoiler, side skirt, rear skirt, air suspension, big offset rear wing spoiler and finished in metallic blue. There is also exposed carbon fibre part like on its front grille.

2015 Skipper GTR R35 Vossen Frontal

Their bodykit work and design are neat. At first glance it is just like standard GTR but look better. They also have fitted custom VFS1 Vossen wheels with measurement 20×9.5 for the front and 20×12 for the rear wheels which perfectly match the GTR R35.

2015 Skipper GTR R35 Vossen Rear Wheels




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