RWB Is Coming To New Zealand With Two Porsche

Japanese popular Porsche tuner, Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) is taking steps in New Zealand. Nakai-san, who is the TWB owner not just building two Porsche in New Zealand, but he is also helping to shape up the local community through RWB fans. Currently, RWB only tuned air-cooled Porsche. Nakai-san is known for his precision while building a car. It is normal for him to travel to his customer’s garage and start making the RWB air-cooled Porsche. RWB is a popular tuner in Porsche tuning community. The RWB Porsche has been featured in 2015 Need for Speed video game.

Introducing RWB New ZealandHere is the First of the Daily updates we promised, Monday was setup day for RWB NZ, getting the cars in place for Nakai San to work on the next day. We really appriciate Grizzly Pictures for taking time to help us out with the video updates! Please Like or Share to friends and family! Thank you all for viewing! Please watch in HD

Posted by RWB 001 & 002 New Zealand on Monday, February 15, 2016


(via AutoEvolution)

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