Red BMW E92 M3 with HRE Wheels


Guys always have a dreams to own an M3. M3 is the highest options for 3-Series variants offered by BMW. A standard M3 received warranty like other cars and it is reliable too. But if yo have an extra money, change its factory wheels and lowered it a bit will make your M3 distinctive from other M3 and far in front of standard 3-Series.

People love the M3 due to its power and ready for race-track mode without having to tune it more. The engine sound was so good. E92 M3 was produced in 2008. This M3 is powered by S65 V8 engine with 414 horsepower with 7-speed Getrag dual-clutch gearbox. The top speed is 250kmh with electronic speed limiter.


This red M3 received visual appearance and brought by AutoCoutureMotoring with new HRE wheels and it has clear brush finishing. The wheels matched this car. To improve its handling, the owner have lowered it a bit and include a Brembo brakes. Non technical specification details define but this red colour, it looks aggressive.

I have found this video on YouTube but I cannot verify whether it is the same car or not.



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