Porsche 911 Project Mjølnir by D-Zug

Porsche 911 Project Mjølnir by D-Zug is the widest Porsche 911 (930) model as it claim by the owner and it received not just appearance upgrades but also its engine under its hood.


Widebody air cooled Porsche is a popular trend among restore mod enthusiasts. RWB or Rauh Welt Begriff is a well known tuner from Japan owns by Nakai-san who have an expertise and followers around the world. The brand was so popular which it had featured in the new Need for Speed game.


But this Porsche 911 Project Mjølnir by D-Zug try to be more than normal widebody Porsche project. This car had received a lot of upgrades including a new 3.5 liter engine rebuilt with G30 Garret turbocharger, 993TT oil pump, 935 headers, Tial 50mm blow off valve, twin Tial V44 wastegates and the list continue.


The body parts came from 3.0 RSR fenders and 935/76 at rear. A widebody Porsche will look ridiculous without the right ground clearance. To get to right ride height, DZug have fitted a Bilstein suspension system with tires measured 18×10.5  at front and 19×14 at rear.


(via Autoblog.nl)


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