Porsche 911 GT3 RS With Akrapovic Sports Cup Exhaust

Porsche 911 GT3 is a high-end model from 911 family. It is a track ready sports but can be driven legally on the road. For those who owns a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, they might want to have the same setup because the titanium exhaust from Akrapovic not just increase horsepower at 3,900 rpm but it also reduced its total weight up to 21 kg. But the main reason people usually switch to Akrapovic exhaust system is due to the aggressive sound it made.

The Akrapovič Sports Cup Line system is the second step in the exhaust tuning process. Crafted from top-quality titanium—with parts formed in Akrapovič’s in-house titanium foundry—the Sports Cup Line system has been designed to retain the original Porsche GT3 exhaust manifold, utilizing the existing integrated catalytic convertors. The perfectly balanced titanium end muffler and superbly fitting link pipes are all set off with a pair of beautiful titanium tailpipes. Developed primarily for track use, the Sports Cup Line increases power and torque levels—especially through the important mid-range—and with the huge reduction in weight in the area behind the engine and the rear axle (in comparison to the original system) handling is improved to make the car and exhaust work in perfect harmony. The look of this system can be further enhanced with the addition of the superbly handcrafted high-quality optional carbon- fibre rear diffuser to give even more exclusivity to the Sports Cup Line titanium system and the Porsche GT3.

(via AutoEvolution)

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