Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Mansory Spotted In London

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG is one of beautiful car from Mercedes. It elegance and fresh looks gave more space for tuning company to expand its potential even further. Mansory is one of the well known high end cars tuner have also take part leveraging the new S-Class platform from Mercedes.

2015 S63 AMG Mansory Spotted In London Front

Usually, this kind of photos may originated from Abu Dhabi, China or Moscow. But the new S63 AMG Mansory have been spotted in London and the owner parked his/ her car along side the road with some other regular cars. This gray coloured S63 AMG Mansory may not attract much attention since it is an S-Class not a Ferrari or Lamborghini but for car’s enthusiast it is awesome! (This car is much expensive than the Ferrari F12)

2015 S63 AMG Mansory Spotted In London Rear

The Mercedes S63 AMG Mansory is powered by 5.5 Liter V8 engine offering 1000 horsepower. It came with one of most expensive styling kits for this W222 model.

2015 S63 AMG Mansory Spotted In London front carbon bonnet

It has exposed carbon fibre air intakes, front spoilers, front bonnet, side mirrors, rear spoilers, rear diffusers with custom side skirts, side vents and the list continued.

(Source: BenzInsider)

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