Mercedes AMG GT Widebody by Prior Design

This new widebody kit for Mercedes AMG GT is a new product from Prior Design. By nature, the AMG GT is already beautiful car. But with extra careful doses from Prior Design, the car looks stunning. The add-on kits on front and rear fenders does not damage the overall design. Instead it have made a better visual impact to its overall looks.


From the front, there is a new front splitter to improved its aerodynamic and make it looks lowered. There is also  a new bonnet to give more air output for the extractors. At both sides, there are new add-on skirts to fit the wider fenders.


Move to the rear section of this car, Prior Design have nicely fitted a duck tail spoiler. There is also a new rear end diffuser new exhaust tail pipes. All the add-on components were made from carbon fiber which not add much weight to this Mercedes AMG GT.

(via GTSpirit)

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