Mercedes AMG GT Tuned by Wheelsandmore

Mercedes AMG GT is one of the car which has an iconic design and it is easily standout from the rest of other cars. The Mercedes AMG GT is also one of the first car from Mercedes that used a new smaller engine capacity with 4.0 Liter displacement but able to produce the same horsepower which came from 6.3 Liter engine.


Wheelsandmore is a tuner came from German. They are specialised in creating custom wheels. But it does not stop them to retuned the new engine from Mercedes. The are software changes have been made to squeeze more power from the car which already powered by twin turbo system.


They have also replace standard exhaust system with a new stainless steel exhaust which help to produce a loud sound came from the V8 engine.


Other changes that have been made include custom two tone paint with copper finishing on its lip.

(Source: AutoEvolution)

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