Living The 86 Life (Video)

Living The 86 Life is a new story from Petrolicious which cover a story about Antonio Alvendia who is the Chief Editor and Creative Director at It is all started back in early days where there is no facilities for drifting and they just used empty parking lots and road to drift.

The 86 Life - 7

He and his friends have recorded documentary on drifting activities when no one else do it. It open up opportunity for them to work with big company like EA Games as a consultant for the Need for Speed.

The 86 Life - 3

In this video he shows two of his Toyota AE86; a 1985 and 1986 models and each of them have a unique identity. Although he can afford more that AE86 now, he still keep both of them since the AE86 reminds him why he is in the industry.

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