Lightspeed Classic 911 Is A Real Rival For #Porsche Singer

For those who want to buy a restore mod Porsche, there is a new kid on the block. Lightspeed Classic 911 is the new rival for the Porsche singer. With a price far much lower compare to the Porsche Singer, it provide an option for those who want a classic Porsche 911 with updated components.


A new 17 inch were fitted to the car with all new carbon fiber hood and fenders at the front and rear. The engine receive major upgrades. There are six injectors from the 996 managed by 993’s ECU combined with a six-speed manual speed from 996 Turbo and 997 GT3 RS clutch. With 360 horsepower boxer engine reside in a 980 kilogram car, it makes this Ligthspeed Classic 911 is a fast car. The Lightspeed Porsche pricing starts at about $180,000.


The interior might not looks as exclusive as Porsche Singer but it still being properly restored to a perfection. Each door panels is being wrapped with leather and you can find a Lightspeed name on it. The role cage is being wrapped with leather too and all stitches have the body color contrasting the interior looks.



(via AutoEvolution)


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