Liberty Walk Zero Fighter Ferrari 458 Italia

Liberty Walk released their latest project by including Ferrari 458 Italia under their Zero Fighter family called Zero Fighter Ferrari 458. Previously, Liberty Walk includes Nissan GTR and Lamborghini Aventador with Zero Fighter body kits.


The new body kit is a new design specially made for Ferrari 458. It uses carbon fiber material to trim down its total weight. The new Zero Fighter body kit for this Ferrari includes a new front bumper, front splitter, extended side skirts, a huge rear diffuser and massive new rear spoiler.


The lowered this car perfectly; Liberty Walk swap the standard suspension with AirRex suspension, custom Forgiato wheels wrapped with Toyo tires. The exhaust sound is louder than before with Fi (Frequency Intelligent) exhaust system.


One of Liberty Walk mark for Zero Fighter is its paint job. The paint job done by Airmania, which features custom graphic similar to a body on jet fighter. The complete set will cost you $30,500.

(via Indyacars)

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