Latest Land Rover Defender Pickup by Kahn Design

This is the latest Land Rover Defender pickup by Kahn Design. It received a new custom bumper that include a bright pink skid plat, quad fog lamp and new blacken grille and headlights that totally make the front facia look different. It also featured LED daytime running light.


This 2.2 Liter land Rover Defender received Corris Gray color, stainless steel bonnet, side vents, side steps and wide wheels arches with exposed bolts. Kahn DEsign has fitted all its 4 wheels from 1939 Retro wheels with pinkish color too. It has measurement 16×8.5 at all four corners.


Kahn Design is known for its nice interior design too and this Land Defender pickup is not left behind. All its sports seats and interior trims received a nice black leather with neat stitching works.

kahn-design-defender-pickup-5 kahn-design-defender-pickup-6

(via GTSpirit)


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