A Lamborghini Aventador Hit Brakes To Allow A Tesla Model S By Prior Design To Catch Up

Prior Design had launched a new body kit package for a Tesla Model S and it looks amazing. It comes with a redesign front bumper, a rear bumper with air diffuser and side skirts. The Prior Design team had also fitted a new lip spoiler attached to its rear section. All parts are made with a mixture of fiberglass and Dura-Flex material.

A new body kit needs a set of wheels too. This Tesla Model S P100D now has a dynamic 21-inch ten spoke design wheels PD5 Forged from Prior Design. The wheels finished in matte black and it looks amazing with the white foliage body paint.

A Tesla Model S P100D able to sprint from 0-100km/h in just 2.4 seconds. I just wonder why a Lamborghini Aventador has to brake just to allow a Tesla Model S to catch up?

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