Lada 2104 with Japanese #SR20DET Heart

Lada have been featured in Top Gear as the car that have strong built during Soviet. Based on Fiat platform, Russia people have improve it with tougher steel. Lada is one of the popular car in Russia. German have their Volkswagen and Russia have the Lada.

Lada 2104 with Japanese Heart front with tire

This Lada 2104 is special. It has been through a thorough restoration and modification. To have a significant power increase, the owner decided to swap its original engine with one of the most popular and reliable engine from Japan. It is the engine with the code name SR20DET.

Lada 2104 with Japanese Heart rear

SR20DET is the engine used in Nissan Silvia. The “T” at the end of the code name state that this is a turbo engine. This Lada have received a complete set of transmission, brakes, suspension and steering from the Nissan Silvia S13/S14. The interior also received a complete dashboard from Nissan Silvia. It perfectly fit this Lada.

Lada 2104 with Japanese Heart dash

Although the engine is powerful enough, it does not stop him to squeeze more power from it. Japan engines are easy to tune and there are a lot of aftermarket product too. The SR20DET have received a new Tomei Camshafts, 740cc Nismo injectors, 72mm diameter throttle body and its standard turbine have been replace with Garret GT2871R. The result is amazing. The Lada now powered at 400Ps @ 6500 rpm.

Lada 2104 with Japanese Heart engine bay

Watch the following video up until at the end of it. You will surprise.


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