Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette

The mission was to bring this 1972 Chevy Corvette C3 into the 21st century. The project started in customer’s garage. It was later moved to Heartland Customs when the owner realized it took more than he expected to complete this project.

Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette - 5

Some says a restomod will remove the original identify of that car. But in another perspective, a project like this will bring a new life to the car with modern technology.

The Corvette was named Menace because the owner’s name is Dennis. There are a lot of custom fabrication have been done on this Corvette.

Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette - 2

The car now powered by a 7.0-liter supercharged LS7. To ensure the car able to handle this new engine, the underbody have been replaced with a stronger structure from Roadster Shop.

Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette - 7

On its exterior, it has new custom front hood, new fenders with a genuine exhaust system on both sides, new custom rear diffuser, active rear spoiler, new futuristic headlights and taillights.

Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette - 1

The interior also got modern touch from Sculpt Garage. They have done a good modernizing it with leather and fabric materials. With a new engine, the old gauges have been replaced too. Instead of using a racing LCD cluster, they have made a modern custom meter cluster that but maintain its classic looks.

The car have ben unveiled at SEMA 2017 and it does have a lot of attention from the visitors. The following video shows process they took to complete the car.

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