Honda Odyssey and Porsche 911 With 1,000 HP By Bisimoto

Bismoto showcase their latest engineering capabilities with Honda Odyssey and Porsche 911 with 1,000 hp. Both vehicles are not a favorite model for tuners because the old Porsche 911 has nickname called widow maker and the Honda Odyssey is a minivan which produce a lot of sway due to its nature as a minivan.

Bisimoto Porsche 911 - 5

But it does not stop Bisimoto to come out with something out of ordinary. Most tuners can tuned an engine up to 1,000 hp but it require special skills to tame it down for public roads and not to kill the driver. You should watch the following video and hear a great uncommon sound come from a minivan shifting with a manual gearbox.

Bisimoto Honda Odyssey - 2


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