1874 142 Volvo Featuring Image

Greg Keysar’s 1974 Volvo 142 GL

My family own a Volvo from 240 family sedan. We bought it on early 2000 and it never disappointing us. We used that car to pickup my stuff from the university. You will amaze to see the Volvo could climb a hill with a full load of my belonging. The car is still with us today and it is now waiting for a 2nd times restoration.

Volvo is known for its safety and comfort car with bulky look. Some people even call it a tank. Compare to Mercedes, the spare parts is much more expensive in Malaysia.

Our Volvo used to break a couple of time but it did in the right place and not in the middle of nowhere.

When I browse the internet for our next project, I found this Volvo 142 that looks so perfect. It is own by Greg Keysar. For your information, the Volvo 142 model is so rare. I don’t think I would ever seen this model in Malaysia.

Greg have restored the 142 to a perfect condition. Compare to common vintage restoration, this car have received major upgrade both on its inside and outside.

Having a father as a mechanic really help him to build the required skills and he had been modified cars from he was young; Volvo 240 and BMW E30 is some short list to highlight.

He had searching for this car for a long time and one day he have found an ads in a classified section. It was owned by a 89 years old man – Dan. The car was once won in the Antique automobile Club of America in Hershey, Pennsylvania under senior category. The car have also won 28 more trophies and it is an outstanding achievement for him.

When Greg got this almost rust free car, he begin to transform his car. He started with fitting in with new set of wheels come from 15×8 Gotti J55Bs. For its front suspensions, he have changed its original suspension to Bilstein Sports with  APCO springs. While on its rear, he used Blue Coil Springs with adjustable Kaplhenke Racing 240. The front bumper have been shaved to make it looks clean.

On its engine, it is almost impossible to find aftermarket product to squeeze more power from it. So, he sent the engine to the expert for customization. Buchka engineering is his choice and they are able to fit a NOS GSXR 750 throttle bodies to improve its performance.

In its interior, most of the items are remain stock and clean. The uncommon item Greg have include is a new steering wheel from Nardi and it looks good with the 142.

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Greg had post his project in Swedespeed and you can watch his built from the start

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