Datsun 510 Tripple S SR20 DET Turbocharged

Datsun 510 Tripple S SR20 DET Turbocharged was a story brought by Tuned Youtube channel. It is a story about Rick O’Donnel who is Datsun enthusiast and owned two Datsun 510 Tripple S and one Datsun 240z. His first car was Datsun 510 Triple S sedan which he used as his regular commuter. The sedan has been restored to its very good condition. But he also want a track ready race Datsun.

Datsun-510-tripple-s-turbocharged front-sunny

After a long searched, he able to find not in so good condition Datsun 510 two doors. The car has no engine and previous owner have swap a rotary engine from Mazda to improve its performance. A lot of repair process have been done including rebuilding its tunnelling, engine mounting and chassis.

Datsun-510-tripple-s-turbocharged headlight-parts

A new engine SR20 DET have been planted to his new Datsun 510. The new engine received upgrade too with a new Garret turbine which improve its overall horsepower. Inspired by BMW M3 E30, each side of his Datsun 510 have been widened with all its fender been rebuilding from metal. In Europe, when the first 2 doors Datsun 510 was begin sales in the region, it is known as “Poor man BMW E30” since it has the look of BMW E30 with a cheaper price. But it does not stop O’Donnel and other people to own it.

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