An 800 Horsepower Datsun 240Z With Nissan Skyline Engine

This 800 horsepower Datsun 240Z is owned by Paul Henshaw who owns Custom and Classic Cars garage. He has a lot of experience working with other people before decided to go on his own.


His Datsun 240Z has evolved many times, and the one you will see in the following video is now powered by an RB26 engine sourced from Nissan Skyline and it receives massive upgrades.


The custom body kit use is made by TopStage who has the expertise to make high-quality carbon fiber parts. Paul Henshaw said it require skills to drive this car because it can “bite” you back if you push it too hard and too early. Enjoy this amazing story.

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  • Kenny

    October 04, 10 2016 01:17:50

    Nissan, please make the next Z look like the classic 240z cars. Give it the necessary power and you’ll have a hit on your hands.

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