Crazy Behind The Scene Stunts in Furious 7 #Furious7

Furious 7 still able to be completed although Paul Walker was dead in tragic accident with his friend in a Porsche Carrera GT. At that time the accident occur, Furious 7 is still filming this movie and at some point the film were put on hold and the production hold their final words either to proceed or to cancel their latest movie.

furious 7 stunts 3

Fortunately, the movie got rewrite all its script and storyline. With the advancement of today’s technology, they have to use double body (Paul’s brother) and CGI to complete it any left scenes related to the late Paul Walker.


Fast Furious movie franchise have received mix feedbacks. Some of them like it and some of them is not. I still remember the Fast and Furious back in 2001. It does not have a strong storyline and from there they evolved have include new cast and expand all of its characters. Although it may not an Oscar award winning scripts and storyline but one thing for sure, car enthusiast love Fast and Furious movie since the beginning of the movie. (Some of you may not agree but the dog fight race scene in the first Fast and Furious is much better compare to Need for Speed movie).

ff6 interceptor

It have featured a lot of rare and also heavily modified popular cars in real tuning scene including classic modern modified cars. From American muscle cars to a list of popular cars in Japan like the legendary Skyline (R35, R34, Hokasuka), there are all part of important casts in Fast and Furious. Not to forget Britain’s Jensen car from the last Fast and Furious 6.

furious 7 stunts 2

Furious 7 is said to be the best movie among other sequel since it will relate back its story from the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Other then filming in a lot of different areas including the Dubai, Furious 7 will served all of their fans with heartbeat stunts crazie  than before. A lot of cars have already wrecked during the film process to ensure all stunts are perfectly crafted. The following video shows behind the scene during filming all stunts and looks how fast all cars are moving before it crashed. No CGI or fast camera trick but only real stunts by real people in the following video. Stunning cars with great of talented people to complete it into a piece of entertaining actions.

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