BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car

BMW M4 will be used as Official Safety Car for MotoGP. The M4 looks stunning with black body colour and wheels completed with nice BMW M Performance decals.

bmw-m4-motogp-safety-front face

All BMW M4 performance parts came standards with these car including M Performance black front grille, M Performance aerodynamic kit with carbon front splitters and blade. The front bonnet have been equipped with motorsport lock.

bmw-m4-motogp-safety-rear right

On its rear parts, a huge carbon fibre rear wing spoiler can be seen to improve its aerodynamic on track with BMW M Performance diffuser attached on its rear bumper. The exhaust system received BMW M Performance titanium exhaust system with carbon finishing.

bmw-m4-motogp-safety right side

Other than that, a set of LED lights on roof with LED lights on front have been mounted on top of the roof.


The interior is came directly from the M4 except for fire extinguisher, Recaro racing seats with Schroth harnesses and they have also removed its rear seats to reduce overall weight.

(Via TopSpeed)

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