BMW M4 Captured With Drone

Able to capture great video to deliver story about car sometime require a lot of effort especially if you want a view from the air. Previously, production house need to hire a helicopter and crane to plug a camera. But thanks to latest technology like drone copter which could fly high enough and bring a long a camera like the GoPro with camera stabiliser, production house can focus on creativity instead of cost.

BMW M4 KW V3 Capture With Drone Side View

The following video captured by Eric Liao fully using hexacopter drone with GoPro 4 camera. Usually, it take a lot of crew to capture this kind of video but not using the drone. The BMW M4 captured in this video used KW V3 suspension with HRE wheels.


Slammed BMW M4 with KW V3, HRE wheels aerial shoot with DJI hexacopter drone gopro 4.

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