BMW M4 With Akrapovic Exhaust System

I have to admit I really like the the M4. For some, the F82 is not as good as previous M3. The M4 was powered by 3.0L V6 instead of 4.0L V8 engine. But in Malaysia, it is a good thing because we will pay less money for the new M4.

BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust Tail Pipes

Less cylinder and engine capacity does not mean it will have less power. The M4 has 425 hp compare to 414 hp for 2013 M3.

BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust System

Akrapovic is one of tuners provide after market performance parts for BMW and they have a new package for M4 exhaust system. The factory made M4 exhaust was good enough and you can watch it in our previous post. But if you want an extra distinctive sound and 11 kg weight less standard M4, this package from Akrapovic may suites your M4.

Here some review and demo from one of the first M4 owners who upgrade their exhaust system with Akrapovic.


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