BMW M2 Based On BMW 2002 by Bavarian Workshop

This BMW M2 is based on model BMW 2002. The restore mod project was done by Bavarian Workshop who own by Marc Norris. The Bavarian Workshop have a done a lot of works on BMW but this BMW 2002 is different.

BMW-M2-2002 9

Starting from the engine, the old engine has been swapped with E30 M3 engine and to support its new power produce by the engine, Marc Norris and team need to install custom suspension and rework back all its chassis to make it more stiff.

BMW-M2-2002 7

On its interior, there are parts from other BMW that been fitted perfectly into this car. The BMW M2 have cost more the new BMW M5 but the project worth it since it combine classic emotion with new technology and make this BMW M2 will be driven for a long time in future.

BMW-M2-2002 4


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