BMW i8 on HRE Wheels by WheelsBoutique

BMW-i8-HRE sunset door open

BMW i8 on HRE wheels looks absolute stunning. WheelsBoutique, one of the largest HRE wheels in US, have shown their latest wheels package for the i8. For this i8, it fitted with 22 inch HRE P101. The Translucent Blue also match the body colour of this i8. The body of this i8 have been wrapped with matte black to make it looks more aggressive.

BMW i8 is an electric car produce by BMW. The design is so different and radical that many people taught it was just a concept car. It is not. It is a well design car can be used as daily driving car. It also has a 1.5 L 3 cylinder turbocharged engine which came from the Mini as its extender range module.

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