Family of Five by Petrolicious

BMW E28 Family of Five by Petrolicious

Nice E28 under sun and trees

BMW E28 Family of Five by Petrolicious was a story about Caccavo family who own 3 BMW 5-Series E28. Its all started when they have made a deal not to purchase a car more then $10,000. Dean have waiting for a long to aiming for the E28 M5. His dream come true and got his M5 for $9,500 in the 90’s.

Dean's M5 engine bay

His passion towards BWM E28 was shared among his wife and his son. His wife got a decent BMW E28 with everything remain in stock and original. Although it is not having as much power as Dean’s M5 does, she really enjoy it.

Austin Caccavo's 535is

Austin Caccavo joining share the same interest with his mom and dad. For him to get his own car, he has to get a job, saving it and at the end he got enough money to pay for his car. Austin’s car has a less power compare to the M5 but slightly higher than his mom car. But Austin have upgrade his car towards his imagination; BBS wheels, new shock absorber, classic carrier and the list continue.

E28 view from back

It is a nice story when cars can tighten your family relationship more than ever. They are having fun and enjoy their life. Perfect cars with perfect story about perfect life.

(Source: Petrolicious on Youtube)

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