Before You Buy An E60 BMW M5

BMW M5 E60 is a high performance sedan. It cost a lot money when it first come out from the factory. But now there are owners who are letting go their cars for a reasonable price. This BMW M5 E60 has an insane engine. It is powered by normal aspirated 5.0L V10 engine. The sound came out from this car is amazing and breathtaking. But is it worth to get one? Will it drain your wallet?


Before that, let us hear some sound compilation from the V10 engine

BMW M5 E60 sound compilation:


BMW M5 E60 review:

Should you buy BMW M5 E60?



Five facts about BMW M5 E60:


Experience having a used BMW M5 E60 for a year:


Should you buy a cheap BMW M5 E60:


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