Awesome Vanderhall Laguna Three Wheeler

Vanderhall had come out with a new three wheeler vehicle called Laguna to compete with Morgan. Morgan is a British company who being popular producing new three-wheeler vehicle with classic looks. Compare to Morgan, Vanderhall made their car more civilized. The Laguna by Vanderhall had been fitted with heated seats, full climate control, a 600-watt stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity.


The Laguna is being built by an aluminum frame. It had a combination of front pushrod suspension and rear swing-arm setup. Instead of classic tires found in Morgan, Vanderhall decided to go with 19-inch aluminum forged wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear. It is powered by 1.4 liter VVTi engine with a turbocharger system. It produces around 200 horsepower and connected to 6-speed paddle shift automatic gearbox. Buyers are also able to build their car from the ground up. It is like a kit car. Some minor detail that I like is its front rounded LED highlight. The Laguna by Vanderhall price starts from $77,000.

(via GizMag)

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