BMW i8 on HRE Wheels by WheelsBoutique

BMW i8 on HRE wheels looks absolute stunning. WheelsBoutique, one of the largest HRE wheels in US, have shown their latest wheels package for the i8. For this i8, it ...


Paul Bracq The Man Behind BMW Turbo Concept car

Paul Bracq born on 13th December 1933 in Bordeaux, France. He worked for BMW during 70’s and had contribute a lot in moulding the identity of BMW especially the 5-Series. Other ...


Red BMW E92 M3 with HRE Wheels

Guys always have a dreams to own an M3. M3 is the highest options for 3-Series variants offered by BMW. A standard M3 received warranty like other cars and it ...


2JZ Volvo 244 from Finland

Volvo is one of the most popular car for modification in Finland. Although Volvo is famous for its boxy looks, it does not stop people from being creative. Volvo is also ...

bmw e28 jeremy whittle 1jz

BMW E28 1JZ Jeremy Whittle

When I first saw this car posted in Stanceworks website a couple of years ago, I started to open our local car classified websites to find almost the same local ...

mclaren 650s gt3

McLaren 650s GT3 – The 12c GT3 Successor

Building a successor for a great thing is challenging especially when they have build one of the best super car on one of the best platform. But people at McLaren does ...

GTR R35 Norway Roadtrip

GTR R35 Road Trip in Norway

Fredrik Jönsson from RedHouseMedia is on his way to capture beautiful scenery in Norway. To make it more exciting he had include a Nissan Skyline GTR r35 complete with matte ...

History of BMW M3

History of BMW M3

The history of BMW M3 can be traced back to mid 80’s. M3 is the race spec version for the BMW 3-Series. The model targeted for young people during economic booming in ...


Wörthersee – Heaven for VW and Audi Enthusiasts

Wörthersee is a beautiful place located in Austria. It has one of the most beautiful lake with about 20 km long and 1 km wide. Before the construction of Austrian Southern ...

1874 142 Volvo Featuring Image

Greg Keysar’s 1974 Volvo 142 GL

My family own a Volvo from 240 family sedan. We bought it on early 2000 and it never disappointing us. We used that car to pickup my stuff from the ...